These are TOP 10 Drag Cars of 2020!!!

Check this, These are TOP 10 Drag Cars of 2020!!!

Today we are headed across the big pond to find out which cars were the top 10 cars that appeared at this particular raceway.

Located at the former Royal Air Force base on the north of Bedfordshire in England is the Santa Pod Raceway which has been welcoming racing events since 1966.

Interestingly, the record at this track has been set back in 1984 by a funny car called Vanishing Point Rocket, driven by Sammy Miller with the time of 3.58, and no one has been able to beat it for nearly 40 years now.

Just like any other track during the 2020 pandemic season, this one did not see too much action and this is why the competition for the top 10 cars that appeared at this track is not as good as other years.

As you would expect the cars are not as fast as the ones that frequent American tracks however there are quite a few of them that are very interesting to watch.

Amongst them is a Ford Focus which has been transformed into a four wheel drive car and is now putting down 10 second runs one after another, with a manual gearbox.

When it comes to sending down power from the engine to the wheels, nearly all these European cars are using manual gearboxes, and are quite effective to be honest.

There are faster car than the aforementioned Focus, which are putting down 8 second runs however the ultimate crazy machine at the track must be the one featured at the two and a half minute mark.

This is a Ford van which will get to the end of the track in 10 seconds.

Now this is something that you should not miss so play the video and see what goes down in The United Kingdom.

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