Fireball Camaro vs Kayla Morton In a Close and Wild Race!!!

Check this, Fireball Camaro vs Kayla Morton In a Close and Wild Race!!!

Kayla Morton has been doing this for quite some time and this time she is up with one of the best of them.

We all know that arguably the Fireball Camaro is the fastest car in No Prep and since there was no other championship held, Ryan is the current No Prep Kings Champion.

This time however he has his hands full since the lane that he is in, the right lane, had an oil spill on it last night before the race so according to the guys at the track, it is not going to be easy getting traction in that lane.

Once again we are back to a tuning game which is not always the best way to win a race.

The first part of the track is not that bad, however it is expected that Ryan will run into trouble at the big end, the part of the track where he usually catches other cars due to the power of his twin turbine engine.

Keyla Morton is here and is on a winning streak so she is more than motivated to get the big W and prove to everybody else that she is just as fast as the best of the best, however as always that is easier said than done.

As always, we are not going to tell you the result, however we would like to point out to keep a close eye on Keyla after she crosses the finish line because as she attempts to slow down, she runs into serious trouble.

She gets such a bad wheel hop on the rear axle that both of those huge tires jump clearly off the ground as she is trying to slow the car down, lucky for her, she kept the car going straight and got away with it, check it out.

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