Street Outlaws Doc Activates Beast Mode!!!

Take a look at this, Street Outlaws Doc Activates Beast Mode!!!

Thunder Valley in Noble Oklahoma is where we are headed today in order to check out a different kind of racing with the familiar bunch that we all like watching behind the wheel.

This time however the vehicles that they are using is not exactly the ones that we are used seeing them in, at least unless they live in your area and you can see them driving around in their daily driver.

Yes, this is the race where doc is not activating a beast mode in the street beast, instead we find him behind the wheel of a Procharged LS Monte Carlo that according to him, he uses on a daily basis.

In the lane next to him we find a nitrous Foxbody Mustang and believe it or not, that Mustang did what most nitrous cars are famous for, he took off the line like a bat out of hell making Doc use all the power to try and chase him down.

The other interesting race was actually between Doc and Ryan Martin.

Now usually when this due gets on the track they are sitting in vehicles much different than these and it’s for all the marbles, however this time it’s more about fun and bragging rights other than a spot on the list.

Ryan is behind the wheel of his LS Procharged GMC Sierra pickup truck which he thinks has what it takes to get to the finish line faster than the LS Monte Carlo driven by Doc.

We have seen that truck in action and we are positive that Doc has his work cut out for him because that truck is no slouch.

So will Doc be able to get this win away from Ryan Martin or will the tables turn once they are in their daily drivers, check out the video and find out.

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