John Wick Blown Camaro Nasty Crash at Bounty Hunters No Prep 2021!!

Take a look at this, John Wick Blown Camaro Nasty Crash at Bounty Hunters No Prep 2021!!

From time to time we have the terrible duty of bringing you videos where a racer pushes the vehicle over the limit and ends up damaging it.

As always the first thing that we would like to tell you is that the driver of the famous 1969 blown Camaro AKA John Wick is fine and has not sustained injuries in the accident you are about to see.

His name is Toby Nock and just like everybody else that entered the Bounty Hunters No Prep event, he did not show up to lose, he showed up to try and win the event or at least the small tire class that he entered.

To be honest many, us included were expecting him to push for the top during this event and watching his passes as you are about to, told us that the car as well as Toby are ready to fight for the number one spot in the small tire class.

Unfortunately, he got loose and found himself out of the groove where the car snapped sideways with incredible speed and violence giving him nearly no time to bring it back in line and pointed in the right direction.

 This meant that John Wick had a massive crash into the wall, powerful enough to send it straight into the opposite one which caused it to flip on its side, a very terrible sight for real car lovers.

As we mentioned before, the most important thing was that the safety features that Toby had built in the Camaro worked great and he was out of the car in no time walking away to safety.

Additionally, the car is fixable and from the latest information that we have, Toby is already working to get it fixed and back on the track, we wish him luck in that endeavor.

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