Fire DESTROYS World’s Quickest Street Car Sick Seconds!!!

Check this, Fire DESTROYS World’s Quickest Street Car Sick Seconds!!!

Few days back we talked about the quickest street car trying to get a race with a top fuel dragster just for the fun of it.

Unfortunately, this time we have some very bad and unexpected news about him and his team.

The car that we talked about was the world’s quickest car, the one that got to set the record at five seconds called Sick Seconds has caught on fire during racing at the Gatornationals.

The whole scene is just like out of a movie because the whole fire happened due to an injector O ring which had failed and started spraying the fuel anywhere but the actual cylinder where it belongs to.

This apparently creates massive backfires that happen not once, but twice and put so much pressure on the intake system it actually caused the fuel cell to burst open and dump the fuel.

The most important thing as always is that the driver Tom Bailey got out of there quick and in a hurry making sure he doesn’t get burned and stayed safe.

As the team started finding out why it all happened the team chief managed to source the reason for the problem, a failed 20 cent O ring.

We are sure that they feel terrible because of the massive damage that the car had over a such minute thing however they know that this is racing and it happens to the best of them. We hope that they can get that car back on the road, as well as the track where it belongs putting down sub-five second runs over and over again.

So as always check out the video and see how it all went down during the few races they managed to squeeze before disaster struck this very successful and fun to watch team.

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