Axman Smokes Ryan Fireball Camaro on Street Outlaws Mega Cash Days!!

Check this, Axman Smokes Ryan Fireball Camaro on Street Outlaws Mega Cash Days!!

If you have been following the Mega Cash Days race, which included one of the biggest ever gatherings of street races, then you know the result of this race.

However, if by any chance you have missed the result, rest assure you won’t get a spoiler out of us and we will let you see the results by yourself in the video.

We all know who the favorites were before the race and believe it or not we find two of them in the same video lined up side by side.

What is even more peculiar is the fact that this is not the winners bracket, no sir, both of these fast cars are actually in the losers’ bracket and are not racing for the win at the moment, instead they are rather racing to stay in the game and stay at the property.

The piece of road which the Mega Cash Days event was held at, was one of the worst pieces of road that any of the racers had witnessed, and in the first few rounds nearly all the biggest favorites for the win had already lost one race.

This is why these two are trying to stay in the game by winning the race against each other. Usually we all say that the road is the equalizer between the extremely powerful cars and the ones that do not push out such a serious amount of power like say Axmen or Ryan Martin’s Fireball Camaro.

In addition to being regarded as the fastest guy on the property, a tittle that he needs to keep proving to everybody, Ryan is also the last guy from the 405 at this point and he is trying to prove their bragging rights.

So check out this very high stakes race and see who gets to go home.


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