Will Big Chief Put A New Setup In The Crow!?

What is your thought, Will Big Chief Put A New Setup In The Crow!?

Sim is here with us today once again to give us what he has learned recently about No Prep racing and about all the guys that participate in it.

Today’s topic is very hot and we are sure that it will intrigue many of the No Prep audience.

The reason for it is that Big Chief has one of the biggest followings in the whole No Prep scene and for a good reason, this guy is fast.

However, when it comes to a new engine setup we are not sure if it will happen on The Crow and for many reasons.

The first one being that they did not fail at the Mega Cash Days, and by they we mean all of the 405 guys due to lack of power, in fact nobody that managed to go the distance without spinning actually won the race.

It was the opposite that caught them off guard, it was the lack of grip that turned out to be the biggest problem they faced and that is surely not a reason to change an engine setup.

So in a way they proved to everybody that they have way too much power for that terrible piece of road, and taking power out was what helped them get down the road.

Big Chief has had this setup for more than five years and that fact has given him the time that he needs to learn how to best tune it and put the power down, so if he could not go down that road due to too much power, well lack of power was not the issue.

Be that as it may, we still want you to check out this video and hear what Sim has to say on the subject as well as many other subjects that he talks about, check it out.

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