The 405 Street Outlaws Show Is Being Replaced!?

Take a look at this, The 405 Street Outlaws Show Is Being Replaced!?

As always Sim is with us in order to bring us some news about the street racing world and at times it seems that Sim has the most incredible and controversial news of all the news outlets that we can rely on in order to find out as much as we can about our favorite racers.

The topic of the show today seems to be something that we have all dreaded and yet it’s obviously here in front of us, we just don’t want to see it.

The most famous street racing list in the whole world is being scrapped.

Yes, it caught us by surprise as well, but there seem to be just too many things pointing in the same direction and we just cannot ignore them anymore.

For those of us which have been waiting for the Street Outlaws OKC show this is a bit disappointing, however it seems that with all those spinoff shows that are getting filmed, and are soon to hit the air, it was obvious that the focus of The Discovery Channel is headed in a different direction.

Sim on the other hand seems eager for the whole deal to shift focus because he cannot wait for the new Street Outlaws Nation-wide top 20 list to hit our screens.

With that being said, it appears that in a way the list will not disappear, it will simply evolve and get faster and harder to get on than ever, because once it goes national, the races will be much more competitive than ever.

Additionally, from the info we gathered it seems that everybody, and we mean everybody will have to race their way in on the Nation-wide list, and we know a group from the 405 that can’t wait to do just that.

Check out Sim’s video and find out more about the future of list racing.

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