Rick Hord – Scary Crash at World DoorSlammer Nationals 2021!!!

Check this, Rick Hord – Scary Crash at World DoorSlammer Nationals 2021!!!

We are headed to Orlando Speed World Dragway with video today, where JEGS brought us the 2021 CTECH World Doorslammer Nationals.

With a Grand Prize of $75.000 there was no doubt that this event will be bringing cars from all over the country, and that is exactly what happened.

Amongst the great races that were held, today we focus on the Rick Hord and his unsuccessful pass, which apparently ended before the checkered flag at the end of the track, instead it actually ended near the middle of the track, after slamming into the wall.

First let us inform you that Rick is OK and he suffered no injuries whatsoever, however the pain was more of the emotional kind, since this was about his third run with this car.

He must feel terrible due to this fact because we all know how much time he must have spent on it. The good news is that it looked like there is not too much damage to the front of the car, so we will be seeing him soon behind the wheel.

We would also like to acknowledge the marshals at the Orlando Speed World Dragway for their fast reactions, because as you are about to see, one of them had the battery turned off before the car even stopped, and that is very important in these situations.

Unfortunately, his quick reaction did not stop the small fire that his firefighting colleagues managed to subdue in record time before it spread all over the place, as the vehicle was leaking a substantial amount of fluid.

As to why the crash happened, many are saying that the car broke something in order for it to turn sideways so fast and Rick had no chance of saving it, so check out the video and tell us what you think happened.

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