The New Murder Nova is Here and is Bad to the Bone!!

Check this, The New Murder Nova is Here and is Bad to the Bone!!

Once again Sim is trying to answer one of the hardest questions since the whole Covid-19 pandemic started regarding No Prep Kings and the reason is actually much more complexed than it would seem at first.

In the beginning of last year, as events started getting canceled all over the world it was beginning to seem that there was no way that No Prep Kings will be held this year, especially since we saw the Olympic Games getting postponed for next year.

It was understandable and simple that due to the fast spread of the virus we might have to go about with almost no real racing the entire year.

Like it or not, chances were slim that we are going to smell the burned rubber at the track, and instead we will have to sit back idly waiting hungry for more information about this sport.

Then as Sim mentioned, events started getting organized and many sport franchises managed to hold their championship for the season so that really got our hopes up and we kept sitting by and trying to get any info about this.

Nope, the producers of the NPK show did not follow suit and once again we were stuck with no No Prep Kings Championship.

Then information started circling that there might be a back to back season in the making, and that way we will lose nothing and end up getting all the racing that we wanted and more.

After finding this out, the drivers gave the producers what seems to be a reality check because these machines are not your regular daily driver which is supposed to take the beating, and there will be many of them out by the time we finish the first part of the season.

Yes, we know it is getting complex, so why don’t we let Sim try and explain this to you.

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