The END Of The 405 List!!!

Check this,The END Of The 405 List!!!

A while back we told you that Reaper’s trailer caught on fire on the way back from an event, and if you remember he lost both of his cars.

This meant that the tragedy had set him back quite significantly and that means that he has quite a long way to go before he can get back on the track, where he as well as us believe that he belongs.

Even the longest journey begins with a single step they say, and it appears that Reaper is finally making that first step which will eventually lead him to get back to the track.

The first picture that he has posted ever since the accident, shows nothing more than scaffolding that was once part of the chassis to one of his great race cars The Reaper which we he said that is going to rise like the Phoenix from the ashes of his accident.

Now we are not sure if the high temperature has caused some damage to the structure of the chassis and we are sure that the rust will take a bit of sand blasting before it is back to a shiny state, but the great news is that the Reaper will once again be rebuild and be able to go street racing.

In an addition to his build Sim has an awesome idea which is that if he manages to build back one of his cars that burned down, the most appropriate name should be The Phoenix and for good reasons like we explained already.

Whether Reaper will listen to Sim or not, is up to him, however we believe that Sim is right and the name would have meaning as well as a certain cool factor for the car, so let’s hope he does it.

So take a look at the video and see what else Sim has in store for us.

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