Twin Turbo Firebird Takes On John Wick!!!

Check this, Twin Turbo Firebird Takes On John Wick!!!

Allow us to take you on a short trip to San Antonio Texas in today’s video where we are just in time for an amazing match up from where we have the popular John Wick car and he is about to face some serious competition.

The twin turbo Firebird that John Wick is facing gets a bye run in the first part of the video and we all know that getting a “present” like that one in a No Prep racing competition is something that is not to be taken lightly.

The biggest reason is that the Firebird will do a run and thus he will be able to collect the most important thing, data from how the car is handling the surface and what is there to be done in order to get faster on the next run.

Do not worry for Toby Nock, the driver of the John Wick because he will get a test hit as well and the race will be fair, and before we forget, in case you have not heard his car you might want to be ready on the volume button because that thing is very, very loud.

The small tire Firebird who is about to face John Wick has been putting down very good runs lately and has been finishing strong in all the events that he entered, so he is on the run trying his best to make a name for himself and get some recognition in the No Prep small tire game.

The other vehicle in the video is the so called Orange Crush which is a turbocharged Foxbody which drove around Boosted about this time last year and proved worthy of the crush part of its name, so play the video and see how John Wick performs against both of them.

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