Street Outlaws Kamikaze Chris Horrific Crash Devastates the 405!!!

Take a look at this, Street Outlaws Kamikaze Chris Horrific Crash Devastates the 405!!!

It was one of the worst crashes of the season and now we have it all on video.

Let’s get the most important thing out of the way, and that is that Chris walked out of this incredible carnage uninjured, and as always that is the most important thing.

The other important thing in the video is of course the destruction of the popular Elco, the El Camino that Chris has put on the world map.

He has managed to bring us nearly the entire process over the years of how it kept growing and getting faster and faster over the years and unfortunately we got to see its demise.

According to Kamikaze Chris, he felt the car going sideways and started correcting and that’s when all hell broke loose.

As his nickname will tell you he is not the type of guy that will lift in a race in order to be safe, he is quite the opposite so that’s what he did, he stayed in it and unfortunately at the same instance that the car shifted to higher gear, he hit a bump and all of a sudden he was staring at the grass instead of the finish line.

Lucky for him, he hit a parked SUV which was next to a cement block, and that is what took the majority of this incredibly strong impact, and might have actually saved his life, we can never know.

One of the funny things about it that Chris found out later was the fact that the passenger side turbocharger was found in a field quite some long ways from the car and the rest of the parts that it was attached to.

So check out this terrible crash and let’s remember that motorsport is dangerous and these guys are facing some real danger, every time they strap in.

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