American Chopper Officially ENDED After This Happened… FAMILY DRAMA AND ANGRY EMPLOYEES!!

Check this, American Chopper Officially ENDED After This Happened… FAMILY DRAMA AND ANGRY EMPLOYEES!!

One of the most popular bike building shows ever, must have been the American Shopper TV show which aired on The Discovery Channel for many years, beginning in 2002.

Maybe it was the lack of other shows or maybe we just liked the drama and the bikes and that is why we had given them our attention for many years, and frankly liked the show at the time.

However, not all things last and this is why after about 12 seasons the show hit the brakes.

During this time there were numerous fights and quarrels amongst the family members of the show, as well as their employees and Paul Senior was nearly always included.

Not to say that the entire cancelation was his own fault, but he was known to pick a bone with nearly everybody on camera, be it his employee or family.

On the other hand however, Paul Junior was not the guy to keep an opinion to himself and even started showing up late for work and you know that tardiness is not something that Senior would take lightly, so once again these guys started going at it more than ever.

Some would argue that the drama that these guys were causing, was the same thing that kept viewers glued to the TV over the years and kept up with their celebrity status that they were surely enjoying because all of a sudden these guys were starting to build bikes for other celebrities.

So with the viewership on the rise as well as tempers flaring there was not much doubt that these guys will not be able to keep their bike production number as high for much longer, things were headed downhill, so what was the actual straw that broke the camel’s back, well watch the video and find out for yourself.

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