Street Outlaws Daddy Dave Back to Procharger, Goliath’s Procharged Proline Hemi Combo!!!

Take a look at this, Street Outlaws Daddy Dave Back to Procharger, Goliath’s Procharged Proline Hemi Combo!!!

We remember like it was yesterday however the following video did remind us that this has happened more than two years ago.

We are talking about the time when Daddy Dave was at the top three on the list and even with that extremely high position for the famous OKC list, he did something that nobody was expecting.

He went twin turbo.

At the time, the change was considered reasonable since the other two guys on the same list were already pushing air down the intake manifold thanks to two snails and in order to keep up with them, it was reasonable for him to go the same way.

Additionally, there was talk that he could not fit a bigger Procharger in the chassis which meant that the setup he had was actually limited and he could not progress as easy.

Unfortunately, ever since the change his results started dropping and what was expected to be a learning and adjustment period turned out to be his entire season, and while we all expected for him to get faster and faster by every round, in truth he just kept getting frustrated by the small things that would not work on his car, and had kept him away from victories.

Now it seems that he has gotten enough of the twin turbo chargers so he has done what he thinks he needed to do in order to get faster.

According to him, procharger is the way to go, and in order to facilitate the bigger unit he decided to go with chassis modifications in order to get the engine further back, so he can accommodate the new procharger.

To find out what kind of motor he is running these days and what exact power adder, well as always play the video and find out.

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