1968 SS Camaro Gets Destroyed!!!

Take a look at this, 1968 SS Camaro Gets Destroyed!!!

Once again we take you to the event called Byron Wheelie Contest, where we have an amazing 1968 SS Camaro lined up and ready to steal the show with its wheel stand.

Those who frequent these events are quite familiar with this vehicle because it usually does great at these events because like many of them this is also a purposely built car specially to perform enormous wheelies.

By now you are all familiar with the fact that these guys need to be determined to keep the throttle buried to the floor even when all other senses are telling you that you should lift, because it’s scary starring at the sky while keeping your foot down.

Additionally, this guy is also famous for the huge burnouts that he usually performs.

These things are nearly an eight of a mile long and are performed at full throttle while the engine screams at the top of its lungs as the crowd follows suit.

 At the beginning of the video we were expecting to see the same thing, however things got a bit sideways.

When we say sideways, we literally mean sideways because the car snapped to the right and he did not have the time or the ability to get it pointed at the finish line again, and as you are guessing by now, he hit the wall with the front end.

For most of the racers and other competitors, this would be it for the day or maybe even the entire event.

This guy however is not most racers and as soon as he took care of the pieces that were dangling from the front of the car where it met the wall, he was back for more.

He lined up his car again and slammed the throttle one more time, not caring about the damage that he causes to the car, check it out.

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