WYCO Racing KC Cash Days FRESH Street Racing!!!

Check this, WYCO Racing KC Cash Days FRESH Street Racing!!!

Today we decided to take you to Kansas City for some small tire street racing.

These guys have found a straight piece of road and they are here to race. They are not complaining that the actual racing part of the road is downhill, they apparently don’t mind, all they care about is getting their cars down that road as fast as they possibly can.

Don’t even for a minute think that these guys are not making huge power number, just because they are on small tires, some of these cars have tons of power and being on a small tire only makes things more interesting for everybody.

To be honest we were a bit disappointed by the fact that there is almost no audience at all, because the spectators that we see are mostly other racers and their friends, however due to the situation with the pandemic that we are in we are sure that this will change once it is all taken care of.

The collection of cars is amazing if you want to put it in words although we highly recommend seeing them for yourself because there are some crazy idea out there for a fast car, like the Corvette which was racing on regular street tires with what looks like zero modifications on it.

It looked like that guys was driving by and saw all the other cars so decided, hey I got a few hours to kill, why don’t I join the fun.

Unfortunately, it looked like he has not been practicing lately because he stalled that manual right as the light turned on, leaving him dead in the water as his opponent flew down the road.

So check out this great video filled with some real street racing as they battle to win the cash at the end of the day.

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