Inside Information On JJ da Boss’ New Zip Tie Nova!!!

Take a look at this, Inside Information On JJ da Boss’ New Zip Tie Nova!!!

Once again we have Sim’s video about street racing which is here to tell us much more than what we know about the scene at the moment.

Sim always tries to touch many subjects and this time it is no different, so amongst the many things that he likes to talk about is once again Doc.

As we have all seen, Doc had a terrible accident which rendered him unconscious for a minute or two.

Many of you guys know about this since we reported it back in the day however some have not actually been able to see the whole video of the crash so we wanted to bring it up once again.

 The most important thing as always is the fact that he is doing well, however after making sure that he is unharmed many have raised the question about the Street Beast and what is happening with it these days.

Initially, photos surfaced of the wreck that once was the Street Beast sitting in high grass out in the open, however it seems that even Doc could not let it sit there battling the elements by itself so pretty soon, more photos appeared where the car was once again inside the trailer.

This meant that Doc still has some hopes, just like us, that once again the car might be able to hit the road or the track and put down a respective round, putting everybody on notice that the Street Beast is back.

We honestly love seeing OG race cars back on the road after whatever they might have faced, but at the same time understand that sometimes a car is beyond repair.

So as always check out Sim’s video and find out much more about what he has to say on this subject, as well as the main one.

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