Street Outlaw Doc Horrible Crash Racing against Big Chief!!!

Take a look at this, Street Outlaw Doc Horrible Crash Racing against Big Chief!!!

Unfortunately, the news we have for you today is bad, and that means that once again we have to go thru the newest update from the Street Outlaws OKC show and tell you about a crash.

The good thing is that Doc is feeling good and that is the most important thing.

The second thing that almost everybody asks right after a crash is the state of the race car that he was in when the crash happened and we are afraid that that is not such great news because the Street Beast really took a tumble this time.

Right off the starting line, the Street Beast launched hard and pulled the front wheels off the ground, this however as you know, is not the fastest way to get down the road, let alone the safest and understandably Doc quickly pedaled the car in order to get things back under control.

With Big Chief in the lane next to him, Doc new that he had no time to lose because as we have seen many times over and over again, these twin turbo cars will get you on the big end if sixty foot is your only weapon.

At this time, he was still ahead of Big Chief but he knew that he needs to get on the go pedal if he is to try and win the race, unfortunately once the car landed he was already close to the edge of the road, the next surge of power was not something that the Street Beast appreciated.

After Doc was helped back to his feat it was obvious that he is still rattled by the crash and could not tell the paramedics the location that he is at, however he did know the type of car that he is driving, which meant that shortly he will be fine once again.

So play the video and check out this terrible crash.

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