Wild Pro Mod Crash in Gainesville!!

Check this, Wild Pro Mod Crash in Gainesville!!

Once again we are taking you to Gainesville Florida where the NHRA Gatornationals are being held and once again we have some disturbing footage of the same day as the other video we showed you where Jasmine Salinas took flight and landed completely off the track.

We find ProMod drivers Brandon Pesz and Dustin Nesloney at the starting line about to make their qualifying round for the race the next day and as you are informed by the tittle, they won’t get to do it, not today.

Luckily we are proud to tell you that once again this was an accident where all the safety features and safety gear kept bot drivers from getting injured and they both walked away from the whole deal.

It was Brandon Pesz who got carried away with the throttle and got sideways so fast, that he could not keep the car in his lane, so ended up crossing into the path of Nesloney who hit him with the force of a cruise missile causing Pesz car to flip on the roof.

This turned both car into a fireball (no, not Ryan Martin’s Camaro) which flew down the track creating a spectacular sight, which as we mentioned earlier, both were able to walk away from.

It was Pesz who actually scrutinized his own driving and even went as far as to call himself an idiot for what he did, especially because he did tell Jeff Jones to keep his car away from the wall due to some pollen that might be slippery, and yet it was him that did not lift once he was out of the groove and close to the wall.

It’s understandable for Pesz to be angry at himself especially after causing a crash that costed both drivers two very fast hotrods, so check out the video and tell us what you think.


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