Jasmine Salinas’ Top Alcohol Dragster suffered a wild blowover at Gatornats!!

Check this, Jasmine Salinas’ Top Alcohol Dragster suffered a wild blowover!!!

As the tittle has already informed you, Jasmine was not injured in this terrible crash, and as we always mention that is the most important thing in these races.

If the name sounds familiar it might be because Jasmine is the daughter of the famous top fuel drag racer Mike Salinas, and today we catch up with her as she is qualifying for the event which was held at the Amalie Motor Oil Gatornationals at Gainesville Raceway located in Florida.

The interesting thing was the fact that she was at the top of the field for the race that was supposed to be held on Sunday, before she crashed her car.

It was only in this actual round that you are about to see that she lost the top spot with a difference of 0.005 seconds, which is telling us all how close the competition was before these unwanted moments.

We are sure that Jasmine would have gave them a run for their money if it weren’t for the accident however that is the world of racing and luckily she will be going for the win next time she enters a race.

When asked about it, her explanation was that some air got under the front part of the car which considering the incredible speed that she was going at only 1/8th of a mile was enough to launch the car high in the air and all the way across the lane out of the track.

Like engineered, her safety equipment worked great and made sure that Jasmin will remain hungry for more wins and will be back in the driver’s seat as soon as her car is ready.

So check out this terrible crash and see what a wild ride Jasmine had on that qualifying session at the Gainesville Raceway.

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