Garage Squads’s Joe Zolper’s ’69 521ci Hemi Dauntless Daytona is Fast as Hell!!!

Check this, Garage Squads’s Joe Zolper’s ’69 521ci Hemi Dauntless Daytona is Fast as Hell!!!

His name is Joe Zalper and he drives one of the coolest 1969 Dodge Daytona we have seen in a while.

Today we catch up to him as he is getting ready to put the car thru its paces after changing to a bigger tire and after some major suspension upgrades.

The car looks simply gorgeous and that insanely big blower sticking out of the hood is making much more than just brute horsepower, it is making life difficult in the driver’s seat.

You see, once he is in the left lane, the blower is completely blocking away the whole tree from where the driver is sitting and that is not the best way to do a No Prep race.

Here, at events like the Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Season 3 event which was held at RT66 Joliet people are ready to cut down the tree and not being able to see the actual tree, well that complicates things if you are here to cut it down, ask any lumberjack we are sure they’d agree.

Additionally, these are the very first passes that the car is making so that means that this car will only get faster and faster with time so we are keeping an eye on it because we are sure that it has the power to win one of these events, whether it will be this one, well that is up for the video to show you.

Before you get to it however, let us tell you that Joe managed to get the seating position changed inside his car just so he can actually see the light and stop waiting on the other guy to leave before he lets go of the button, so there is more to come from the Garage Squad and this Dauntless Daytona.

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