Is this the Fastest Go-Kart in the World?! 170HP SUPERKART

Check this, Is this the Fastest Go-Kart in the World?! 170HP SUPERKART

Go karts are one of the best and yet cheapest fun you can have on four wheels.

This is why we love trashing about in them every time we get the chance to do it.

Most of the ones we ride are rentals and do not have the power that we would like them to have but we make do with what it is.

This is not the case with the go kart that you are about to see and there are men which apparently got frustrated with the lack of power on go karts so they decided to do something about it.

What these guys did was the well-known hearth transplant, so they took extremely light weight engine of the go kart and replaced it with something a bit bigger.

You see the racing kart like these come equipped with a 125cc two stroke engine which revs up to an incredible 14 000 rpm producing more than 40 horsepower in the process.

The hearth of this go kart, was produced in the land of the rising sun, Japan, where it started life powering the Honda CBR Fireblade.

Revving up to more than 11 000 rpm, this Japanese engine provides 170 horsepower, which is quite the increase from the original 40 or so that this chassis is usually powered by.

This meant that it is capable of not only turning heads, but it is also capable of getting to the finish line very fast and loud.   

Unfortunately, the driver needs much more practice in order to launch this insanely fast machine down the straight to the best of its abilities, because he hit the rev limiter way too many times for our liking, so check out this video and tell us what you think, would you do a better job?

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