Street Outlaws – Team California Carlos Crash at Fastest in America Season 3 Filming!!!!

Take a look at this, Street Outlaws – Team California Carlos Crash at Fastest in America Season 3 Filming!!!!

The filming of the third season of the Fastest in America is well under way as we all know and just like the other years it’s not going to be a walk in the park.

Unfortunately, we are already finding out about a crash that by the looks of it eliminated one of the cars on the California team.

The most important thing as always is the fact that the driver Carlos is OK, which is another proof that he did not cut corners on the safety of the car which has apparently paid off.

Some might blame the extreme power of the vehicles, (the car in question has a big block with a twin turbo setup) some might blame the crash on the terrible roads that these things usually are held on, and yet some might say that it was the drivers that are getting too ambitious trying to prove themselves.

We believe that it is a combination of the above mentioned and honestly these guys knew what they were getting into, this is not their first street race surely so they were well aware of the risks that they are taking every time they strap into that cockpit.

The interesting fact is that this time the driver won the race and only crashed after crossing the finish line, proving once again that these guys are here to win the whole deal, not just show up do a couple of burnouts and go back home, these guys are determined to go for the win.

Team California is considered to have stepped up this year and have brought faster cars than last year trying to make a name for themselves, and we wish them the best of luck, and how that this incident won’t deter them from their goal.

So as always, check out the video and find out what is else to know about this crash.

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