Street Outlaws Murder Nova vs Rogue Camaro/Dominator!!

Take a look at this, Street Outlaws Murder Nova vs Rogue Camaro/Dominator!!

During the last season of Street Outlaws 405 there was quite a few guys that ended up racing each other many times.

These guys were actually a few of them, Dominator, Shawn Ellington and Brent Self kept pulling each other’s chips from the bag and kept on racing each other with various results.

As luck would have it we have these three lining up against one another once again, however this time under much better conditions, this time they are racing at the Thunder Valley Raceway Park, located near Oklahoma City.

This means that unlike that terrible road that we saw them race on, they are dealing with a surface that is much more stable and much more even between lanes, meaning that these guys can now put some power down.

You know that those keyboards are burning before the race in order to make sure they put the right tune here which will not only make it from A to B, instead they are going to be swinging for the fences and turning stuff way up, to get the big W.

During the street races Dominator was the one that showed huge leaps forward and got great results while Brent Self and his Rouge procharged Camaro were not as successful as they were hopping for because they were hopping to be at the top and make their way into America’s List, but finished at the very bottom.

So this might be a chance for him to prove that he had what it takes if he has some better surface under his tires and even the score with these guys.

So go ahead play the video, and see if Dominator will keep his streak going or will Murder Nova be able show both of these guys who the real OG is.

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