Update on Doc’s Secret New Car “The Replacement”!

Check this, Update on Doc’s Secret New Car “The Replacement”!

As you all know by now, Doc crashed his car during the races which determent which one of the 405 guys, has what it takes in order to get to America’s List.

The crash was pretty bad, and he was out for a moment or two and then had to be taken to the hospital to rest for a bit.

Showing class and style, Doc got out of the hospital against the doctor’s suggestion and walked in on their next driver’s meeting, proving his love for the sport and his love for street racing.

There was no real doubt about whether he will be back in the driver’s seat of a race car, the only real question was when will he do it.

In today’s video we are bringing you some news about what we will be seeing him driving in future evets that he enters and to be honest it sounds pretty good.

As far as we know now, the same guys that built him the Street Beast are once again tasked with building him a brand new car and guess what, it is another Monte Carlo. No wonder the first question that Doc was capable of answering after the crash and after the paramedics made it over to him, was what kind of car you drive.

As good as this sounds, it gets even better because the video you are about to see today features a totally different car which Doc and his crew are working on and it seems that they have been salvaging parts off the street beast which we thing is not only cost effective, but also great because part of the Street Beast will be able to drive on.

Check out the video and see what “The Replacement” has in store and how things are shaping up.

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