“You Try And Hit Me, Is That What I See?!” Say Dominator to Chuck

This is that we are talking about, “You Try And Hit Me, Is That What I See?!” Say Dominator to Chuck!!

For the most part, the guys at the 405 seem friendly to each other and they act like friends racing friends at their beloved road which is closed for their safety.

From time to time however tempers flare up and animosity grows in the background until it boils over and they start arguing.

These days it seems that Chuck and Doc are not the best of buddies to hearing Chuck talk about how Daddy Dave is going to beat him makes up for good entertainment.

Other times, we got races like the second one that you will see in this video where Dominator and Chuck line up against one another and the side bet is actually pretty tasty, two breakfast Burritos and a hash brown a really friendly wager between a couple of buddies.

In the other race, the one between Doc and Daddy Dave the talk is not as friendly and the stakes are a bit higher because this is the first time that Doc will be bringing out the huge 959 ci engine to the street, after having some decent success with it on the track.

As you know however such a huge and powerful engine is not as easy to tame on the streets so we believe that Doc will be pulling out tons of power in order to make the first pass as clean as possible on the street.

On the other hand, Daddy Dave has been putting down some good runs and is at the top of his game when it comes to tuning the engine in order to make it able to go down the road.

 So check out these two very different races and see which one of them will be better than the other and see if you can guess who will win.


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