Street Outlaws Ryan Fireball vs Big Chief One Hell of a Race, and another one….

Check this, Street Outlaws Ryan Fireball vs Big Chief One Hell of a Race, and another one….

Again we have two races in one video however this time we do not have four different racers, instead we have the same two guys going side by side twice, switching lanes.

We have arguably the two top guys, Ryan Martin and Big Chief going head to head back to back fighting for the number one spot on the list.

As it stands, both guys are going to the America’s List and some might say that it doesn’t matter that much, but you have to remember, these are the top two street racers in the 405, none of them likes to loose and will not accept defeat easy.

They did not get to the top of their game by not wanting to win, these guys live for the big W and as you will see it really hurts them to lose a race even when it does not mean elimination.

Both of these races are packed with action as it should be, after all we are talking about the two of the top three street racers in Oklahoma and both of these guys are well known for their tuning capabilities and as of this list shakeup, they have proven that they can rise up to the occasion and conquer one of the trickiest roads in the US.

It was this road that got them kicked off the Mega Cash Days, just because they could not conquer it and could not get a consistent run out of it, and as Ryan himself said, stuff that were known to work on this road, a tune-up which worked on it one day, does not necessarily mean that it will work again.

 So check out this action packed video and see who gets to be at the top of the list as they head to the America’s list.

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