The 405 Will Not Be On Season 3 Of Street Outlaws Fastest In America!!!

Take a look at this, The 405 Will Not Be On Season 3 Of Street Outlaws Fastest In America!!!

Sim is here as usual and he brings us news regarding the Street Racing world.

And the news today might be a bit disappointing to some, because unlike what was originally expected in the next season of Street Outlaws Fastest in America, the mega popular 405 racers will not be featured once again in the race.

A while ago we touched on this subject with Kye Kelley and he was also adamant that he is not going to be accepting the invitation for this race and the reason for this was the fact that he felt cheated by JJ Da Boss.

Back then he was telling us how Team Memphis knew the location of the final race and were able to do a couple of test hits on location, while Team Nola was never made aware of where the finals are going to be taking place thus preventing them from doing the same.

If that was the case than Kye Kelley’s remarks are on point and they should have switched to a neutral location where nobody has made a pass and no testing has been done.

Some might say that Kye was just making excuses however if he follows thru and Team Nola rejects the invitation to the third season, and as we are now aware the 405 don’t take part (due to the fact that they have not even been invited) well there is no real reason of calling it Fastest in America if you ask us.

Team Nola was the fastest opponent to the 405 during the No Prep Kings Championship constantly beating Texas, so without these two we don’t really see why the show would be called Fastest in America, do you?

Tell us what you think in the comment section and of course for more news, as always check out Sim’s video and find out what else is in store.

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7 thoughts on “The 405 Will Not Be On Season 3 Of Street Outlaws Fastest In America!!!

  1. Ridiculous that the 405 isn’t included in this race! I’ve been saying since the first week. But they brought teams in like Tennessee. Seriously! Won’t ever agree to the terms of this race. 405 wiped jj’s ass every time they met up. That’s why there not invited. On the other note it is nice to look at Trisha. She is smoking hot.

  2. We are not interested to watch the Street Outlaws Americans Fastest because 405 is not included.We are not fan of JJ the boss and his group.How can it be the fastest if 405 is not included.Are they afraid of Ryan and Big Chief.

  3. Disappointed that the 405 isn’t on Fastest in America.I thought I saw Nola on the first episode of the 3rd season?If you are going to make it faster in America Justin Swanstrom and his team should be there too unless they just prefer running track

  4. How it can be fastest in America when the fastest are not invited.
    Call it Jj’s how to cheat you show?

    Nola has right to refuse the invitation as well, they have been cheated by Jj

    Plus why doesn’t Jj need to to race from the start but only in the final

    Can not watch JJ’s useless show but love Street Outlaws

  5. JJ daBoss is THE one who really got Street Outlaws going & popular!! He knows & understands street racing better than anyone out there! When the sniveling, spoiled brats 405 saw how popular it became they wanted a piece of the pie!!! JJ does more w/half the money than these well-funded 405ers! Monza is the only true, real guy on the 405 ! By the way, it’s not often the 405 drags JJ and the Memphis team!! It won’t bother me a bit if 405 or cry baby Kye Kelly & his Princess aren’t there either! I’ll betcha they survive w/o them – bring in some new ones!!!! I miss the Memphis bunch, they’re real people & entertaining!!!

  6. Are you JJ in disguise 🙈. Street Outlaws IS the 405. “Fastest in America”is like a season of the A-team without Hannibal, BA, Murdoch & Face. Totally pointless.

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