Red Reaper Camaro, The New Reaper Car & Huge No Prep Kings Potential!!

Take a look at this, Red Reaper Camaro, The New Reaper Car & Huge No Prep Kings Potential!!

By now all of us have heard about the accident where Reaper lost both of his cars after a fire caught the car stacker.

For many of us this was an end of an era because the Reaper car was gone and that was how we gotten to know James Goad, it was the Reaper car that was so recognizable and that is how he got to be known in many circles as The Reaper.

However, before the fire took his cars away he was actually working on a red Camaro which was supposedly going to be a very fast car, faster than any of those he owned at the moment.

It is this car that is in the focus of today’s video because we would like to tell you a few things about it.

First of all we thought that it is very important to know that it was actually his brothers that built the car for him and as you are about to find out from the video they did a very good job doing it and apparently they were not being stingy during the build.

Much of the important stuff is made of Titanium, in order to make sure that it has the best strength available while saving tons of weight, um well not literally but the weight savings are substantial thanks to the expensive material used.

As soon as we saw the zoomies on the car we were sure that once again Reaper decided to go for a procharger as the power adder and since he has tons of experience of driving a procharged car, it was in a way the obvious choice.

There is much more info about the car and the build so to find out more there is to know about his new ride and how far along is it, play the video and find out.

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