Family Porsche 550 Spyder locked away in shipping container for decades!!

Check this Family Porsche 550 Spyder locked away in shipping container for decades!!

We are pretty excited to bring you this film which is very different from the videos that what we usually bring to you guys about cars which have been locked up somewhere.

Usually there is tons of information about the vehicle, the factory that it left, at times even the showroom floor that it was purchased from, and then it is followed by many information about the owner or maybe even the previous one or two.

Today however, the video is something totally different.

This is not some guy finding a car in the barn and filming it with his phone, instead they have filmed the entire event in much more artistic and expensive manner using some pretty good equipment, including some good aerial photography.

It does however point out the way this vehicle traveled, from Stuttgart where it was build, to the Bahamas, Hawaii, and California where this all has been filmed, and is now on the way to The Nederland where we expect it will be staying for a while.

This Porsche 550 Spyder is number 069 out of only 90 ever built proving its value once again by stating how rare it actually is, in addition to the fact that it is a real Classic in a great shape.

Once it is out in the sun you can see the 1994 California plate suggesting that it has been sitting there for nearly thirty years, however the maker of the video does not state how long has this Spyder been locked up or anything else for that matter, apart the locations of the journey that this car has had.

There are not many words that can describe the perfect photography that you are about to see so the best thing that we can suggest is play the video and enjoy.

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