Big Chief, Kye Kelley, and JJ da Boss Are All Getting Their Own Show!!!

Check this, Big Chief, Kye Kelley, and JJ da Boss Are All Getting Their Own Show!!!

When it all first began years ago, it all started as a low budget documentary about a few guys that liked to race each other on the streets, preferably for some cash.

Over the years it all grew to one of the biggest shows about cars and car racing ever produced and it brought American street racing to nearly every part of the planet, showing everybody how they test the abilities of their cars on the street

Over the years’ people started remembering their names and started following their progress, as the raced all over the state trying to prove to themselves and everybody that they had what it takes to conquer the streets and beat whichever car lings next to him to the finish line.

Guys like Daddy Dave, Big Chief, Chuck, Ryan Martin started getting attention wherever they went and events started putting their names and cars on the marketing material.

So as their popularity grew, so did the speed of the cars and sponsorships and these days a few of them are trying to start their own shows and get all the fame and other types of interest for themselves.

The possibility of choice is always a good thing and we are grateful that we get to choose what would we watch from all that content that is connected to street racing and no prep racing.

Some guys like JJ Da Boss and his arm drop style and some guys like the 405 rules but in the end the most important thing is that we all get to watch the racing that we would like.

Sim is here to try and explain to us who gets to have which show and how the scheduling of filming it all works so check it out and get all the info.

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