Bro Tried Showing Out On His New Hellcat… Crashes Whip When Pulling Out!!!

Take a look at this, Bro Tried Showing Out On His New Hellcat… Crashes Whip When Pulling Out!!!

For the longest time, or at least what seemed a long time, we had Ford Mustang drivers to thank for stuff like the one that you are about to see.

Whenever you had an event where car enthusiasts gathered, people would always try and keep an eye out for a Ford Mustang leaving the property because by the volume of videos that were coming in all we could take out was that those things were very, very dangerous.

People would get these cars into a power slide and would not be able to get the car stopped, nor straightened out and end up jumping a curve or even worse endangering the bystanders.

Those times are long gone these days, and apparently the Mustang drivers have either been taking driving lessons or at least took things slower on the way home so we don’t see stuff like that anymore.

However, this video says that somebody might be gunning for that Mustang out of control tittle and it is coming to us from the Hellcat family.

Here we have a gentleman driving the extremely powerful car out from a parking lot where an apparent gathering had taken place of some sorts, and on the way home, just like plenty of Mustang drivers before him, the Hellcat driver tries to show off the brute power of his ride and show how his “smoke machine” can obliterate tires at will.

Unfortunately, as it often goes with these things, the car does not feel like going in a straight line and within a second, he is not only sliding sideways but is also pointed at a white pickup driving in the lane next to him minding his business.

Check out the video and see what happens next as things go from bad to worse in the video bellow.


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