Building A Car For The Street Outlaws List!!!

Check this, Building A Car For The Street Outlaws List!!!

Many might have had the same thought however we believe that a few have had that idea less often than Sim, and today we get to hear him talk about the idea itself.

Anybody that has seen a few episodes of any Street Outlaws show or even a spinoff knows that the first thing about these cars is, they are very, very expensive.

These things cost huge amounts of cash to build and nearly any part of them no matter how big or small, has to be top quality and extremely versatile, and both of those things are expensive.

So it would take Sim quite a while of making videos before he can afford one but fact of the matter is we think he would be the guy to do it if he ever has that kind of money to do this. Because we do hear him talking about Betsy and how he would like to upgrade that car with much better drive train.

The thing is he is already thinking about what kind of car he would be driving, and we do understand what he is talking about because he loves cars so much, and there are quite a few cars that he would like to choose as his list car, and yet cannot make up his mind just because he keeps on thinking of new cars that he would like to own.

Additionally, Sim talks about the first time he was starting Betsy and how he did not screw the starter motor all the way in, and as soon as he went to start it the sounds of the starter got so bad that for a moment or two he thought that he blew the motor up, before he got the chance to drive the car.

Check out Sim’s video and see for yourself what he would put up on the list, if given a chance.

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One thought on “Building A Car For The Street Outlaws List!!!

  1. This oddly looks like a car my cousin built YEARS ago. He’s got another almost complete. Where is this car?

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