Street Outlaws Kye Kelley’s “New” Car!!!

Check this, Street Outlaws Kye Kelley’s “New” Car!!!

As always we have Sim with us and he is here to tell us all there is to know about street racing these days.

It appears that the fans of the 405 have nothing to worry about because their favorite show is filming yet another season of the Street Outlaws OKC.

While the very subject will be different and there won’t actually be a list as we remember it, these guys will make sure to race just like this time in order to prove their worth for America’s list.

Just like they got the best of the 405 this year, it appears that the same version of the show will be produced in order to make sure they get the best of the Oklahoma racers, instead of just bringing the same guys from last year. Which we think is great because once again it brings a type of race your way in competition which will make sure that the fastest get on the list not just the guys that used to be fast a season or two ago.

Additionally, Sim wants to talk about the upgraded vehicle belonging to Kye Kelley and the stuff that he has done to it in order to get it faster than what it was last time we saw it.

We all know that this is a continuous process of upgrades that needs to keep happening in order to get the car to keep going faster and faster and keep performing at the top of its abilities.

This process is tiresome and takes a lot of energy and funds because as you probably know, all the best parts that these guys are using are very expensive, so let’s hear what Sim has to say about Kye Kelley’s new car and what he has found out about these upgrades that are burning a hole in Kye’s wallet.

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