Ryan Martin vs. JJ Da Boss One Hell of a Race on Street Outlaws: America’s List!!!

Take a look at this, Ryan Martin vs. JJ Da Boss One Hell of a Race on Street Outlaws: America’s List!!!

After their terrible performance at the Mega Cash Days, the 405 decided to stay and keep racing the terrible streets and try and get better in order to prove to the world, and themselves that they can conquer any street.

After quite a few races there was an apparent result and all the top guys managed to make a pass on the street whichever direction they were pointed at, and that meant that they are ready for the America’s List.

Once racing started however, it seemed that all those great results might have been just too early to celebrate because this time we find the guy who had the best runs in the 11th spot racing against JJ Da Boss.

Yes, these guys are the total opposite of one another.

JJ Da Boss is loud and loves talking, while Ryan Martin is what you would call the total opposite, and lets his car do the talking on the street or wherever these guys are.

Unfortunately, Ryan Martin has not been able to beat JJ Da Boss lately and this race is his only way to save face and try to get to the top of the America’s List where he believes he belongs, just like many others that follow street racing.

On the other hand, JJ Da Boss is not here to lose, he is here to prove that Memphis are the fastest team in the country and they are the fastest street racers out there, and the 405 team is just in their way and they need to win against them just like they did in Mega Cash Days.

So as always we will not spoil the video and tell you the result, check it out yourself and see if Martin gets to climb the America’s List or will JJ keep him from doing that.


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