Daddy Dave’s Goliath goes Personal Best passes & Grey Fireball Camaro testing!!!

Check this, Daddy Dave’s Goliath goes Personal Best passes & Grey Fireball Camaro testing!!!

Many times before we have talked about Daddy Dave and the Goliath.

For the longest time Daddy Dave ran a procharger and it was actually while he was on top of their ever so important list that he decided to follow the other two top guys Ryan Martin and Big Chief and switch to twin turbo.

The reasons for that were as he said at the time that his car would not physically fit a bigger procharger which he deemed necessary in order to get more power out of the engine and keep up with the rest of the pack.

For the longest time Daddy Dave had to struggle with the twin turbo setup and played the very hard game of tuning trying to get the car to put down a decent time.

He of course had all the help that he could get from Ryan Martin in this endeavor however his runs were not proving his car faster as he was expecting it to be with the brand new twin turbos.

It seems that after all that time he got tired of the twin “snails” and has now done the necessary work to the chassis in order to fix the initial problem and fit the bigger procharger that he wanted.

The modifications to the chassis and the new procharger should be the things that he was missing in order to go faster and all he needs to do now is prove it on the street, something much easier said than done.

Additionally, the video brings us information about Ryan Martin’s ZL1 Camaro which has been announced as the top competitor for No Prep Kings, however due to the fact that this Championship has been canceled for now, we have not been able to see it spin a wheel in anger.

So check out the video and see the news coming from the 405 these days.

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