Big Chief’s Outrageous Crow Modification for Street Racing!!!

Check this, Big Chief’s Outrageous Crow Modification for Street Racing!!!

Over the years, there has been some controversy with Big Chief and the stuff that he has done in order to get the car to the finish line faster than the guy in the lane next to him.

This time, once again he sparks up the web with some modifications that he may or may not use in the future depending on the event that he has entered the crow in.

Today’s subject is a huge wing that dawned on the back of the Crow and it seems that everybody has an opinion about it so why not us right.

First thing’s first.

That wing is probably not going to “survive” the No Prep Kings Championship rules so there cannot be much talk about using it on the track, at least in a No Prep event.

However, these guys have just started filming the new season of Street Outlaws Oklahoma and with everybody else picking up their pace, the 405 needed some way to re-establish their dominance.

There is no doubt that a wing like that has a huge potential to produce massive downforce at the big end, which would help him with traction especially in the second half of the race, and with enough horsepower which would surpass the drag coefficient of the wing, the car could eventually have substantial advantage helping it put more power down at higher speed.

Additionally, high speed stability could be improved with proper wing adjustment and some wind tunnel testing, so in a way this could be a real evolution in street racing, to be the first one to have such an advantage, however in the end it might turn out that Big Chief was just making fun of some ricers, so let’s wait and see before we get too carried away with the comments and predictions.

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