The Reason Behind Big Chiefs New Wing On The Crow!!!

Take a look at this, The Reason Behind Big Chiefs New Wing On The Crow!!!

Rarely has a photo of a car had such a great impact on the entire audience connected to the street racing world and it seems that everybody is now talking about it.

Yes, we are talking about the wing on Big Chief’s car.

As we have already mentioned, there is no official confirmation about the wing on The Crow as of right now, and that means that in the end it can all become just a silly joke.

From the pictures we have seen the wing does look real however so did Godzilla vs King Kong so who’s to know, but we will treat the whole deal as true for now.

The potential for aerodynamics might not sound so great at drag racing and many would initially think that most of those features are strictly reserved for circuit racing where cornering speed is increased by grip.

The same principles can be applied here.

While many would think that these cars won’t get enough speed for the wing to have any effect in the first half of the track, they’d be surprised how aerodynamic engineers have been successful in producing downforce at low speeds.

There is no doubt that once The Crow goes past 100 miles per hour the wing will bring massive downforce and with enough power and proper setup and testing, this might turn out to be the next best thing that we are going to see others use.

However, that might rise cost even further requiring even more testing and even more development of the vehicles thus surpassing the invested vs gained threshold.

Those are things that we cannot know for certain at the moment so until we get some more info, check out what Sim has to say about this, hopefully he knows more than we do.

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