The Fastest Twin Turbo Car on Street Outlaws No Prep Kings – Jeff Lutz!!

Check this, The Fastest Twin Turbo Car on Street Outlaws No Prep Kings! Jeff Lutz!!!

Once again we touch on the sensitive yet continually interesting subject of which setup is best.

First of all, we would like to say that we love the fact that there are a few different ways you can get additional power from the engine and all of them are being used by different people running against one another.

This season a few of the popular guys like Daddy Dave and Ryan Martin, made a switch from twin turbo setup to a procharger and many thought that this means the twin turbo era might be coming to an end with more and more cars running prochargers and winning races.

Today however, we have Jeff Lutz’s new car which is built with a twin turbo setup but not as the one you’d expect.

You see, twin turbo cars usually have to be heavier than the procharger cars by 150 pounds and extra weight is not usually something you would want in a race car.

Well Jeff Lutz has managed to find a way to get his car lighter even than the procharger car and keep both of his snails under the hood.

This means that his car can undergo a weight loss program, providing it with some advantage over the procharger cars and still be able to keep accelerating hard like any other twin turbo car, near the big end.

Additionally, his new car which is a GTO has a totally different shape than his ’57 Chevy which let’s face it, was shaped like a brick, and has the potential of much higher top speeds than the old car.

The aerodynamics of the GTO along with the weight reduction and twin turbo power, promise that Jeff is going to be much faster than before in the upcoming races, so check out the video and find out how he managed this.

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