Big Chief vs Jerry Bird One Hell of a Race on Street Outlaws: America’s List!!!

Check this, Big Chief vs Jerry Bird One Hell of a Race on Street Outlaws: America’s List!!!

You know you have witnessed a great street race when everybody at the starting line start saying that this was a drag race.

The reason they say that is after witnessing so many races where one of the cars starts spinning or shaking the tires they are happy with how both cars performed and they both managed a good run.

Now they need to know who got the better of the other guy.

This time these guys are going all the way and they need to get the race results confirmed by the team sitting near the finish line watching the video replay in order to find out which bumper crosses the finish line first.

Apparently these guys do feel the same when they get to do such a thing, and the excitement is noticeable at the finish line while these guys are discussing who won, because this race was so close, none of them felt like claiming the victory until it has been confirmed by the videographers at the finish line.

For this race, Big Chief was occupying the notorious left lane and apparently everybody is happy about his great result in this lane and even Ryan Martin is excited and congratulates Big Chief in a manner that might not be suitable for us to caption, so it would be best if you hear him say it.

Once again all the shortcomings and strengths of different types of setups show themselves and we see Jerry Bird get ahead in the 60 foot just like all the Nitrous cars do, however as soon as the hallway mark goes by, the twin turbo cars start gaining ground and catching up to them.

Will the twin snails of The Crow wake up and pull it to the victory or will Jerry Bird keep his advantage, as always check out the video and find out.

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