Best Burnout EVER Ended With a Huge Methanol Fire…

Check this, Best Burnout EVER Ended With a Huge Methanol Fire… 

Performing a proper burnout is something that we think everybody should be able to do.

Even though for many it would seem like you are purposefully destroying tires, fuel, and putting a huge amount of stress on the rest of the components of the vehicles, for the us, there is something special about turning fuel and tires into smoke in this manner.

YouTuber Cleetus McFarland is one of those folks that understands and appreciates a good burnout and today he is bringing us quite the smoke fest to be honest.

These guys stay in it so long that they not only burnout the tires, the whole rear end starts burning, showing everybody what a really big burnout is.

The second outing however is not that successful and it is ended abruptly when the engine shuts off.

They discovered later that it was a very small issue with it.

It turns out that a piece of the belt flew directly into the crank sensor, and took it out.

You know what happens next, due to the fact that the engine is not able to detect that speed of the crankshaft, the vehicles shouts down and while all it would take is a 2-minute job and a new sensor, unfortunately the burnout session is over for him.

There seem to be an endless supply of crazy cars and to be honest we were not sure which one to talk about and which one should be left for you to see and hear for yourself.

However, the red Corvette with the insanely big turbocharger sticking out of it was something that we could not just skip and not talk about and too bad that we only get to see it and hear it driving around instead of going full throttle on it.

So check out Cleetus McFarland video and see the crazy machines that he features.

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