Birdman wins Hobbs Airfield No Prep & Chuck 55 Sets new track record!!!

Check this, Birdman wins Hobbs Airfield No Prep & Chuck 55 Sets new track record!!!

Not too long ago we were all stunned after Birdman had his terrible crash, and that meant that the car that we were used seeing him in was no longer going to be seen on the street or at the track.

Soon after this with his bruises not even healed totally James “Birdman” Finney was already on the prowl for a new car and he was looking left and right to get one and put his rear in before the Mega Cash Days started.

With the rumor mill spinning at full capacity people were trying to guess what he is going to build and when, however he needed something in a hurry and since Boosted was occupied in a different capacity for the Mega Cash Days event, it seemed reasonable that Birdman would jump in Boosted’s car and see if he can grab some cash.

In case you missed the event totally let us tell you that Birdman was not as successful with the borrowed car as he would have wished so the results were not that great.

These days however, we find him at the Hobbs Airfield Speedway and not just the entry list, he is driving his brand new Camaro to the very top of the field and as we are sure, he is at the top of the world since he has managed to win this event.

As we all know, his old car was a force to be reckoned with and people gave it the respect it deserved at any event that it entered, however the new car seems to be even faster and putting it on the number one spot is one significant way of telling everybody in the No Prep game that they need to be looking out for Birdman once again.

Check out the video and find out more about this and Chuck 55’s new track record.

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