Kye Kelley’s New Screw Blown Hemi Setup is Sick!!!

Check this, Kye Kelley’s New Screw Blown Hemi Setup is Sick!!!

It is apparent that the No Prep scene is really waking up these days and great news are traveling from all direction about cars being tested at the track for these purposes.

Just the other day we were talking about Daddy Dave’s new very fast pass as well as Ryan Martin’s ZL1 Camaro testing, and it seemed that they have started doing this for a reason, and the reason is to be ready for the upcoming No Prep Kings Championship which we are hoping will start soon.

While Daddy Dave is still using the same car with some chassis upgrades and a new procharger, Ryan Martin’s ZL1 Camaro is still to be proven at the track and at these events, since it is actually a brand new car build specifically for this.

Along with him there are quite a number of cars being built these days and Jeff Lutz and Doc are amongst them as well as the guy from today’s topic Kye Kelley.

Many of the other guys have decided to upgrade their vehicles like Dominator in order to become more competitive at the track and better their chances to grab a win or two during these events and go home with a pocket full of cash which will undoubtedly go towards the car again.

Sim is here today in order to tell us more about Kye Kelley’s new car, which as we all know by now will be a screw blower car, and it will have the hard job of getting to the finish line faster than all these other procharged cars that are lining up for the No Prep Championship crown.

So check out what Sim has found out for us about this vehicle and let him tell you all there is to now about Kye Kelley’s new ride.


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