The End of Street Outlaws Fastest In America and The Start of America’s List!!!

Take a look at this, The End of Street Outlaws Fastest In America and The Start of America’s List!!!

Sim is here with us once again in order to show us and tell us the best news that he has had in the latest week about street racing.

The first thing that he wants to talk about, after the comments of course is Ryan Martin’s Fireball Camaro.

One of the most popular cars in the 405 has gone thru some distinct power plant changes and as soon as the eye catches the zoomies you instantly know about the changes that have happened.

As you know the turbo cars cannot have zoomies because all the exhaust from the engine is steered into the turbochargers in order to push the turbine shaft and in turn provide boost for the intake.

That immediately tells us that Ryan Martin has switched the Fireball Camaro to Procharger, which he is sure is going to help him get better results on the streets, unlike the current unsatisfactory result that he has been getting on America’s List.

Additionally, it appears that Ryan has made some modifications on the Fireball Camaro which have confused a few of the folks that are a part of his fan base.

It appears that he has installed the headlights of the sixth-generation Camaro on the Fireball and now people are thinking that he changed the entire front end of the car and are actually confusing it with the front end of his newer gray Camaro ZL1.

We understand that he wanted his favorite car to receive an upgraded look and we understand, however it seems that he has managed to create quite the confusion at this stage with the front end.

Now that we have that one covered you can play the video and find out much more about the main topic and the rest of the news that Sim is here to bring us, check it out.

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