Axman vs. Kye Kelley For the #1 Spot on Street Outlaws America’s List!!!

Check this, Axman vs. Kye Kelley For the #1 Spot on Street Outlaws America’s List!!!

Whether we like them or not, these are the rules that the America’s List is going by so for those guys that are not used to them there is nothing we can do to help them.

Depending on which part of the states you are from, if you have been street racing you might have been used to a different set of rules than the guy sitting next to you at the starting line and sometimes it appears that this can make a ton of difference.

At the moment we are bringing you the race for the number one spot on America’s List and we have two cars side by side which have proven to us their worth over and over again.

Sitting in the left lane is Kye Kelley, one of the biggest contenders for the No Prep Kings Championship title last season they raced.

In the lane next to him is Axmen, a guy that has been fast on every surface everywhere he goes.

These two are getting ready to race under a set of different rules. They have agreed that they are going to respect the rules that JJ Da Boss brought in from Memphis called “Chase is a Race”, meaning that if the car in the next lane jumps, you have to sit still and let him take the loss. If by any chance you get itchy on the transbrake and let go of the button, then the race is on and you better catch him before he gets to the finish line.

Today, one of these guys is about to try his luck with these rules, and as always we are not going to spoil the fun and tell you which one, so check out the race and see how the drama unfolds, as they try to outsmart each other.

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