Big Chief Smokes Scott Taylor on Street Outlaws: America’s List!!!

Check this, Big Chief Smokes Scott Taylor on Street Outlaws: America’s List!!!

Once again we have Big Chief racing for a list however things are not as usual.

Today he is racing for the fifth spot on the list however this is not the usual 405 list, he is here for the America’s List and that means that he will not be facing any of his 405 teammates, instead he is going against one of the fastest guys in No Prep, Scott Taylor.

On the America’s List he is using his Track Doe car which might sound peculiar since the car’s name would tell you that this car is more suited on the track instead of the street, however Scott Taylor has been pretty successful on the street with this car and until he gets the new one which is being built ready for street racing, we are sure we will be seeing much of the Track Doe.

In the right lane, the one that people have been favoring lately we have Big Chief and the very famous Crow.

While many of the top No Prep cars have been switching from twin turbo to procharger, it appears that Big Chief has been putting his faith in the twin turbo setup and he has not even talked about making changes to the power plant of the car.

We all know that twin turbo cars are very fast at the big end and procharger cars are usually faster at 60 foot, and this is why we are all expecting this Big Chief to play catch up with Scott Taylor, that is of course unless the lane choice does not come into play.

Just like always we are not planning on spoiling the race for you so we will let you watch the video and find out who gets to sit in the fifth spot after the race, so check it out.

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