Jeff Lutz Evil Twin 57 Chevy, Possible comeback to the 405 show!!!

Check this, Jeff Lutz Evil Twin 57 Chevy, Possible comeback to the 405 show!!!

As you probably know by now, Jeff Lutz has crashed the famous ’57 during filming and now has no vehicle ready for the Street Outlaws Oklahoma show.

The Street Outlaws No Prep Talk channel has an interesting idea about what vehicle Jeff Lutz could possibly enter in this competition next.

You see, he remembered that back in the day Jeff built another twin turbo ’57 Chevy which was used for drag week where it proved to be very, very fast.

Matter a fact, it did actually win its class in 2014 Drag Week proving to everybody that this was no slouch.

In all fairness this was after some major chassis modifications and use of lightweight materials, which did help the car’s performance but it proved that this was a good platform which is able to deliver fast passes.

Unfortunately, Jeff does not own this vehicle anymore and although he is a good friend with the new owner, we are not sure if he will actually be willing to sell or rent the car in order for Jeff to be able to race in it.

Personally, we think that the GTO would be a much better choice for many reasons and one of them being the fact that unlike the ’57 it is not built as a brick, meaning that he will need less power to push thru the air at higher speed.

The other reason why we think that the GTO is better is the fact that that is a brand new built, unlike this one which has been around for quite a while and we all know how competitive these guys are, so it is not likely that he will be able to get much progress with the Evil Twin, when it comes to list racing.

So check out the video and tell us, what do you think, which car will Jeff choose to race in?

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