Murder Nova’s 55 Chevy Wrecks vs 1000+hp GTR!!!

Check this, Murder Nova’s 55 Chevy Wrecks vs 1000+hp GTR!!!

Once again the tittle is telling us the worst news that we’d like to hear and today unfortunately a gorgeous 1955 Bel Air gets slammed into the wall hard enough to launch it in the air.

First things first, so before we tell you how and why things turned out the way they did, we would like to point out that the driver is fine, which is the most important thing when unwanted things like these happen.

The video takes us to Hinton Oklahoma where the event named KOTOR Crusin’ Oklahoma was held and amongst the other cars, this duo was going down.

In the left lane we have a very fast Nissan GTR who is about to do battle with one of the most recognizable American classic cars, however none of them are expecting what is about to happen, and how close will they both get to losing both cars.

As you can see on the video, the moment that the ’55 starts going sideways it was ahead of the famous Japanese sports car, and as soon as it started spinning the tires it lost enough traction and acceleration for the GTR go just inch ahead before the ’55 slammed in the rear end of the GTR.

Although we said that the driver has not sustained any injuries apart from the bruises it is still a shame to see a car that pretty get slammed into the concrete barriers on the side of the track, and we all know how much work and blood and sweat went into building that 1955 Bel Air, and how sad it is to watch it crash.

Check out the crazy video and see for yourself how close the ’55 was to the GTR’s rear end and how much worse all of it could have ended up.


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