WILD DRAG RACE ADRL Pro Extreme – 2021 Gateway Drags!!!

Check this, WILD DRAG RACE ADRL Pro Extreme – 2021 Gateway Drags!!!

Madison Illinois is where we are headed in today’s incredible video where we are about to catch up with the ADRL 2021 Gateway Drags event which was held at the World Wide Technology Raceway.

During the event, there was a matchup between Big Jim Philips in his 68 Camaro SS also known as Big Nasty and Randy Merick and his C3 Corvette.

While both cars are powered by an engine using a screw blower capable of producing more than 4000 horsepower, the fact is that the most important thing in this race, was not the cars or their insane ability to cover a quarter mile faster than the competition.

Matter a fact, we barely get to see both cars under full power for more than two seconds, instead as soon as they left the starting line, it was obvious that Randy Merick in out of shape and things were not going as planned.

Pretty soon it was obvious that things are not going as planned and instead of staying in his lane, Randy will need much more room in order to keep the car out of the wall and on its wheels.

Unfortunately, that meant that he will be visiting Jim’s lane and make contact with the so called Big Nasty Camaro in order to try and keep the car under control, if we can call it what when the car is actually leaving its designated lane and hitting the car in the next lane.

The most important thing for both drivers at that moment, was the fact that they both managed to keep the cars out of the wall and get them back to the starting line with minimum damage.

 This was successfully done, and we could try and explain what happened, or you can just play the video and find out for yourself, check it out.

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